Bitcoin 199 questions


The world we live in is in continuous evolution. The Internet broke into our lives with overwhelming power.The e-mail has become an essential tool of communication and the payment world is changing right now, wiping out the old and leaving space to the new.

We believe that Bitcoin is the change that society has been waiting for since decades.

Time for passive participation is running out, we are not allowed to ignore it anymore.

> The real revolution needs to start inside us.

Our goal is to give thorough answers in a few lines, arousing both beginners’ and experts’ curiosity.
Still, we are aware that some specific and technical questions need more detailed answers.

This is why we recommend the book “Bitcoin: from theory to practice“, (shortly available in English) dealing with the protocol study, with practical examples and detailed explanations.

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We cannot stand still. We cannot be witnesses of history, just watching this train passing by.It is not acceptable to be parasites of this technology.

This is the moment to try to understand how the greatest payment revolution works.

Bitcoin is the answer to the eternal question, is the change that society has been waiting for since the dawn of time.
How we can be really free from any bonds, independent from institutions, masters of our own life.

In order to truly understand how some bits can turn the world upside down, we need to take the path towards knowledge, starting from scratch.
We are sure that this short book will arouse both beginners’ and experts’ curiosity and provide the answers everyone needs.