Bitcoin 199 questions

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Nowadays we hear a lot about Bitcoin and blockchain, but few people know how it works. It’s true that I don’t know how a car works but I use it anyway! But it’s also true that before using a car you should study to get your driving license.

For that reason we wrote two books. 
The first one is “Bitcoin dalla teoria alla pratica” available in Italian language,(the English translation called “Bitcoin from theory to practice” is coming soon) where you can find the tech part of the Bitcoin protocol. For example you will be able to handle a transaction from scratch, know more about private and public keys and so on. 
With the help of this book you can figure out how Bitcoin works using a real node.
Check this video to understand what you can learn!

Bitcoin dalla teoria alla pratica

The second one is called Bitcoin 199 questions. As you can image from the title, you will find a lot of answered questions :).
The book is made of 4 parts.

Entry level: In this section you can find the most common questions, like “What is Bitcoin?”, “What is a block?”, “What is an address?” and so on.

Intermediate Level: Ok, now you know the Bitcoin basics (or you just learnt them in the previous level) and you want to broaden your knowledge. Do you know what a BIP is? Who confirms the transactions?

Advanced Level: So you like Bitcoin huh? In this section you can find deeper topics: “What is a fork?”, “What does RPC stand for and what is it?”, “What are the differences between ECDSA and ECC?”.

Nerd Level: My favourite level! Why does my address starts with the number 1? And why does it sometimes starts with the number 3? What is P2PKH?

Bitcoin 199 questions

As you may imagine, we never talk about the price of bitcoin or technical analysis, for us the price doesn’t exist!

Good news: if you have A Kindle unlimited subscription, you can read our pocket book for free!

Libro Bitcoin dalla teoria alla pratica (Amazon)
Libro Bitcoin dalla teoria alla pratica (sito ufficiale con pagamento in bitcoin)
Tascabile Bitcoin 199 domande (Amazon)
Tascabile Bitcoin 199 domande (sito ufficiale con pagamento in bitcoin)

Pocket Book Bitcoin 199 questions (Amazon)
Pocket Book Bitcoin 199 questions (official website — accept bitcoin)
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