Bitcoin 199 questions

The pocket-sized paperback book on Bitcoin answers.

We received many comments on our first book Bitcoin from theory to practice (shortly available in English), both positive and negative, all constructive.

Since it explains the protocol through real and concrete examples, it does not allow a universal approach.
We realized that in order to start using and understanding Bitcoin, we had to answer some recurring questions. Then, we thought: “Why don’t we write a handbook with very short questions and answers?

It would help many people clear their minds! Or rather, let’s create a path of questions so as to lead the reader from basic to advanced level.”

Who does not remember the Cliff’s Notes? Did you also try to quickly sneak a peek at them during school tests? 🙂

Those little books helped us many times and we wanted to create something similar.

Book Bitcoin 199 questions

The book is divided into 4 sections:

  • Basic level: it explains more general, but still fundamental concepts, such as “Who issues the new bitcoins?” or “Why is the blockchain immutable?”.
  • Intermediate level: it provides answers to questions with a higher degree of difficulty, such as “How do you identify a block?” or “What is a reward?”
  • Advanced level: it includes more technical questions, such as “What is a digital signature?” or “What is a nonce?”
  • Nerd zone: the most technical level. If you reach this point or if you are interested only in this part, it means you are willing to see with your own eyes how the protocol works. In this section, you will find questions such as: “What is P2PKH?” or “ How is the seed calculated?”.

The challenge for us was to answer exhaustively even technical questions in few lines. Nevertheless, we are aware that some questions need more in-depth answers and that’s why we recommend to read Bitcoin: from theory to practice.

The book is available on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle.

You can read it for free if you are a member of kindle unlimited.

Finally it is also possible to purchase a copy on our website:

Obviously, you can buy it in bitcoin.

Email isn’t a good idea (Post offices)

Television isn’t a good idea (Radio Stations)

Amazon isn’t a good idea (Retail stores)

Bitcoin isn’t a good idea (Central banks)



Libro Bitcoin dalla teoria alla pratica (Amazon)
Libro Bitcoin dalla teoria alla pratica (sito ufficiale con pagamento in bitcoin)

Libro Bitcoin 199 domande (Amazon)
Libro Bitcoin 199 domande (sito ufficiale con pagamento in bitcoin)

Book Bitcoin 199 questions (Amazon)
Book Bitcoin 199 questions (official website — accept bitcoin)

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